Help: Training

Splitting an order

  1. To split an order for payment purposes, after adding items to the bill screen, touch the Pay button at the bottom of the bill screen, then Split in the top left of the Pay screen
  2. You have several split options, including paying a specific amount, splitting the bill evenly, or splitting by item(s). You might use a specific amount if you are taking a deposit on an order or if one customer is leaving the table early and wants to pay a specific amount. You might split evenly if 3 customers want to split a bill 3 ways. Finally, you might split by items if customers only want to pay for their specific items ordered
  3. Once you’ve selected the split method, follow the prompts until the order is fully paid.
  4. Note that after a payment has been made, the order can no longer be edited. If you need to edit the split order before any payment has been made, touch the Cancel button on the top of the Pay screen

When splitting by item(s),

  1. Choose Split by item(s), then highlight the item(s) on the bill screen that should be on the first payment. When done, accept payment via Cash, Card, or Other payment method
  2. Repeat these steps for subsequent payments until the order is fully paid