Help: Troubleshooting

Tracking actions with reasons and notes

Reasons and notes for system functions on Instore let staff write about why they performed a certain action at the store. You can then have a clear “paper” trail of staff actions at the store.

Because you may want to speed up certain system functions, though, you can also turn reasons and notes off on Instore. Doing so will prevent Instore from asking for a note for the following actions:

  • Turning tax off for an order
  • Why a paid in was performed
  • Why a paid out was performed
  • Why a no sale was performed

Turning off notes for system functions does not turn off PIN validation for these actions.

To turn off notes for system functions, tap the Settings area by clicking the gear on the lower left corner of the iPad. Then, toggle the “Require notes for system functions” to the off position.