Help: Frequently Asked Questions

Tracking employee tips

Attach employees to new orders in one of two ways

  1. Set a cashier on the Timeclock tab of the Instore application. This employee will be attached to all orders processed on the device unless a Server is assigned directly on a specific order. This method is recommended when employees use their own iPad exclusively.
  2. On the bill screen, touch the Server button on the top left and select the server name you’d like to assign to the order. This method is recommended when employees share an iPad with other employees.

At the end of a shift, run a Servers report by accessing the  tab on Instore. Click here to learn how to use this report: Servers (or Cashiers) Report

Alternatively, you can run a Tips report in the same Cash Management area. This report will summarize tips for all orders during a specific time frame.

Finally, the Payroll report on Office will summarize tips by employee for whatever time frame you care to view. Most merchants use this information for quarterly payroll reporting.