Help: Frequently Asked Questions

Tracking employee tips

Here’s how to use Instore’s Tip Report to track tips by employee.

  1. Attach employees to all new orders in one of two ways
    • Set a cashier on the Timeclock tab of the Instore application. This employee will be attached to all orders processed on the device unless a Server is assigned directly on a specific order. This method is recommended when employees use their own iPad exclusively.
    • On the bill screen, touch the Server button on the top left and select the server name you’d like to assign to the order. This method is recommended when employees share and iPad with other employees.
  2. At the end of a shift, run a Tip Report on each iPad by accessing the Cash Drawer tab on Instore, touching the Tip Report button, and entering your PIN. The Tip Report will print to a connected printer or can be viewed on-screen by selecting Image Printing under Settings. You can reprint a Tip Report by selecting it on the Instore Journal and choosing a printer.

The Tip Report displays tips for all orders originated on that tablet. It does not aggregate tips across the entire location. If an order is not assigned to any employee, it will appear on the Tip Report under No Cashier.

Note: Running a Z report on your tablet will automatically generate a Tip Report and reset the tablet for the next shift. If you want to pay out credit card tips in cash before resetting the tablet, use the Paid Out button after determining the proper cash out amount.