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Tracking inventory

Instore Pro customers can track inventory levels against target quantities to help keep items in stock. Below we summarize the three key parts of tracking inventory: setting initial inventory levels, receiving/adjusting inventory, and inventory reporting.

Setting initial inventory levels

  1. Navigate to your Items tab on Office and select the first item you want to track
  2. Under Pricing, select the size you want to track, then click the More button to the right of the Price
  3. On this screen, check the Track Quantity? box, which allows you to input a Current Quantity (how much is in stock currently) and a Target Quantity (your optimal in stock amount) then click the blue Save button
  4. Complete these steps for any items you want to track for inventory purposes. When you are first starting with Instore, you can also provide us with an inventory spreadsheet that we will upload on your behalf.
  5. On your Instore iPad terminals, touch Download changes from Office under Settings to ensure the changes sync with Instore


Receiving/adjusting inventory

  1. On your Instore app, click the button on the left of the screen to allow you to adjust your inventory
  2. You’ll be prompted to either select a menu item from your list of items on the lefthand pane or scan the barcode of the item you are receivingInventory ingest blankNote: Instore only recognizes barcodes that have previously been added to your inventory of items on Office. For help adding barcodes, see this article.
  3. After identifying the item you are adjusting, use the plus minusbuttons to subtract from or add to the quantity in stock. You can also type the adjustment amount directly in the box to the right of the buttons. Make sure to make the number negative if you are adjusting the inventory level downward.Inventory entry
  4.  Add an optional reason for the change in the box just below Ending quantity and click Change quantity. Instore will prompt you for your secure PIN to note who made the change.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for additional inventory adjustments. Instore will copy the change reason for additional items unless you change it manually. Your secure PIN will be associated with additional changes until you navigate away from the Inventory tab or another user PINs in.inventory summary

Inventory reporting

As you begin tracking inventory levels, you’ll find a growing number of new reports on the Office portal under the Reports tab. The first report is called the Inventory Restock report, designed to show which items have fallen below your Target Quantity levels. To access the Inventory Restock report,

  1. In Office, click on the Reports tab, then select the Inventory Restock report
  2. The default view shows in red which item quantities have fallen below your Target Quantity levels. In this example, my Envelopes – Small count have fallen below their Target Quantity levels by 50 units. I should order 50 more to get back to optimal inventory levels.
  3. You can sort this report in the opposite direction (Restock amount ascending), or by Current Quantity ascending or descending. You can also filter for specific locations or by specific categories. Note that negative Restock Amounts reflect quantities in excess of your Target Quantity levels, an overstock situation.
  4. Finally, you can export to a .csv file your sorted, filtered report. This exported file can be opened in most major spreadsheet applications, including Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel.