Help: Hardware

Turning off receipt printing

You can toggle receipt printing on or off within the settings page for an individual printer.

To turn receipt printing on or off, be sure you have a printer connected already. Read the article “Connecting your receipt printer” to learn more.

  1. To turn off receipt printing on Instore, tap the Settings area by clicking the gear on the lower left corner of the iPad.
  2. Tap Printers at the top of the page.
  3. On the list of printers, find the printer you would like to turn receipt printing off for. Tap the on/off toggle switch to the off position.

Even when you have receipt printing turned off, your printer can still print X and Z reports. The printer will also print on command when you explicitly tap any button labeled “Print.” Turning off receipt printing is a great way to conserve paper but still have your printer ready when you do need to use it.