Help: Troubleshooting

Updating Star Printer Firmware

If your Star TSP100 printers periodically drop their connection to your tablets, first confirm that your network is performing normally. If you don’t have a network problem, Star recommends updating your printer firmware. Here’s a link to the necessary update files with written instructions are below. You can also call Star directly at 800-782-7636 and they can manage the update for you. Star’s support hours are 9-5 et.

  1. Double click the MOT2FMEMNIC file that matches your OS (Windows or Mac).
  2. Click “Discovery” button, then you can find Star LAN printers in the Network.
  3. Check “Select” check box of printers which you would like to reflash.
  4. Press “File” button and select Firmware data (mot file) in PC.
  5. Uncheck “Mode-ID protection”, then “Status Protection” should become gray out.
  6. Click “Write” button, then start to reflash data.
  7. When the data transmission is complete, “Success. Please wait for self-reset to the printer” dialog will appear.
  8. Confirm printer LED stop blinking, then reset printer to apply Firmware update.
  9. To verify update, please check self test printout. (Power ON while pressing FEED button.)
  10. Note: While reflashing data, Red LED (ERROR) is blinking. Please do not power off the printer while blinking.