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Using Instore to cut costs

Using Instore and the online backend, you can lower the costs it takes to run your business with data export, employee hours, and online promotions.

Data Export

Instead of using an accountant, you can simply export your data from within your Office portal and import into your favorite accounting tool like Xero, Quickbooks, or Mint.

  1. To export a report, navigate to the report on Office
  2. Use the filters at the top of the report to set the time frame and any other details
  3. Click Apply to run the report
  4. Click Export to CSV to extract the report from Office
  5. Your browser will download a file to your computer in a .csv format.
  6. Open your accounting program and choose the import function from the program. You can consult the documentation for your accounting software on how to import data from another source.

If you have an accountant or partner that handles finances, set up an Employee account for them on Office with permission to access reports directly.

Employee Hours

Using the clock-in feature on Instore, you can track the hours worked for each employee and the pay owed to them.

  1. To see the hours and pay for one or more employees, go to the Employees tab of your Office portal, then select Payroll from the drop down menu
  2. Use the filters at the top to select the right time frame and which employees you want to review
  3. Click Apply
  4. You can export the resulting report to a .csv file for import into most payroll systems
  5. If you need to check or adjust employee hours, navigate to Employees/Shifts and follow these instructions. Editing hours is only available to users with appropriate permissions.