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Using Instore with Third-party Credit Card Processing

For customers without integrated processing on Instore, here are some tips to using our system in conjunction with a 3rd party terminal.

For Orders Being Paid by Credit Card

When a customer wishes to pay with credit card and you do not use integrated credit card processing, follow the steps below.

  1. Create the order on Instore and tap the Pay button. You will now see the pay screen on Instore
  2. Tap Other, then enter the total from Instore on your third-party credit card terminal and accept payment on that device
  3. Once approved by your third-party credit card terminal, return to Instore and tap the Third party processor payment option on the screen. You can optionally offer an email or printed receipt from Instore in addition to the one printed by your credit card terminal
  4. If you added a tip on the third-party terminal, be sure to add the tip on Instore on the Orders tab