Help: Troubleshooting

Vault Connect Troubleshooting

If you use a Vault Connect case, you may encounter a problem with the case not charging the iPad inside properly. To troubleshoot, make sure that:

  1. your case is plugged into an official Apple power adapter, the power brick your iPad comes with
  2. the USB Accessories button is turned on in your iPad Settings (Settings/Touch ID & Passcode)

If those two steps don’t solve your problem, follow these advanced steps:

  1. Take the Card Readers out of a unit, and then plug it into the iPad and attach the internal CONNECT cable to the Card Reader. Once this is done, attach your CONNECT units via magnetic charging cable to apple power bricks. This is to test charging continuity from the wall to the iPad, through all separate points of connection.
  2. If step 1 yields no charge: Take the internal cable out of the Card Reader, and plug a separate cable of the same variety into that slot, then plug that cable into an apple charging brick. If this gives no charge, then it is possibly a Card Reader issue. If it does charge, and step one did not, then it is most likely an internal cable issue.
  3. If no charge has been achieved thus far, then plug a lightning cable into your iPad, and connect that to an Apple power brick. If your iPad still does not charge at this point, it is almost certainly an iPad issue.

If none of the above steps solve your problem, call Vault (the case manufacturer) directly at (336) 698-3796.