Help: Hardware

Using the ID Tech VP3300 card reader

The ID TECH VP3300 is a mobile payment reader device that allows you to accept magnetic stripe (MSR), chip (EMV), and contactless (NFC) payments on an integrated basis from your Instore application. The device is optimized for EMV today, with support for NFC coming soon.

Pairing the VP3300

If you are using the device for the first time, ensure that the battery is fully-charged. The initial charge takes approximately four to six hours. When the device is connected to a power source and the red LED on the rear of the device is flashing, the device is charging. When the LED stops flashing, the device is fully-charged.

To begin using the VP3300 to accept payments, pair the device with Instore:

  1. Press the power button on the side of the VP3300 to enable Bluetooth pairing. If the device is connected to a power source, it automatically enables Bluetooth pairing.
  2. On your iPad, touch the Instore Settings gear, then Payment Terminals
  3. Touch the + button, then the ID TECH option from the drop-down
  4. When the device ID appears, it should show Connected; if Disconnected, touch the Connect button under the device ID until it becomes Connected. The Bluetooth status LED (the top LED on the rear of the device) flashes quickly to indicate that the device is paired and connected.

DO NOT pair the VP3300 using the iPad’s Bluetooth menu as it will not work within our application.

Using the VP3300

The VP3300 communicates with Instore using a bluetooth connection to the tablet. Instore initiates a payment request to the VP3300 when you touch the Dip/swipe button on the Pay screen. Wait for a Card reader ready confirmation on Instore before asking the customer to dip their card. If the screen shows Reader not connected, touch the button on the side of the VP3300 to wake it up; your Instore payment screen will indicate when it is ready to accept a payment.

When inserting an EMV (chip) card, the front of the card should face you. When swiping a non-EMV card, the front of the card should face away from you.


Understanding the LED Indicators

The VP3300 includes three LED indicators on the rear of the device.

  • The top LED indicates the Bluetooth status.
    • If the LED is off, Bluetooth is in sleep mode.
    • If the LED flashes at normal duration speed, Bluetooth is on stand-by.
    • If the LED flashes at short duration speed, Bluetooth is paired and connected.
  • The middle LED indicates that the device is currently processing a payment.
  • The bottom LED indicates the battery status.
    • If the LED is solid red, the battery is charging.
    • If the LED flashes amber, the battery level is low. Charge the battery or connect the VP3300 to a power source.
    • If the LED stops flashing when connected to a power source, the battery is fully-charged.

Device Pairing Issues

If you are unable to pair the VP3300 with your iPad, ensure that the reader does not have any active Bluetooth connections. Additionally, ensure that you are attempting to pair the VP3300 using Instore, not the iPad’s Bluetooth menu. Force closing then re-opening the Instore app can also help.

Identifying a VP3300 Device

If you have multiple VP3300 devices in use, you might need to determine which VP3300 you are attempting to pair with your device. When attempting to pair with the VP3300 it broadcasts as “IDTECH-VP3300-#####” where ##### is the last five digits of the serial number located on a label on the bottom of the device.

Waking up and Reconnecting the Device

To extend battery life, the VP3300 device enters standby mode after 20 seconds of inactivity. To wake the VP3300, press the power button on the side of the device. You should not need to pair the VP3300 with your iPad; it should reconnect automatically in approximately 15 to 30 seconds.

Resetting the Device

The VP3300 can become frozen or locked after unusual use (like pulling a card out too quickly). When this happens, go to the Instore Settings gear, touch Payment Terminals, then Reset the device. You’ll need to touch Connect to re-connect it to Instore.

Printable VP3300 Instructions

VP3300 usage Sticker