Planning a menu

Instore offers a flexible menu (aka inventory) configuration designed to fit the workflow needs of a variety of businesses. The following explanations will help you create items for sale that are optimized for accurate order taking, inspired upselling, and flawless receipts. Remember that Instore is designed to be flexible, so these suggestions are just a … Continue reading Planning a menu

Creating a category

Categories are groupings of Items that you sell, such as coffees or sandwiches. To create a Category, Click the Items tab on your Office dashboard, selecting the sub-header Categories. Click Create Category, enter the category name, and click Save. Repeat these steps for as many Categories as you like, noting that more than 8 Categories will require … Continue reading Creating a category

How do I delete an item?

When you create an item on your menu, Instore has an Inactive feature that lets you remove the item but still keep a copy of it within your account. This is useful for seasonal items. Instore currently does not allow an item to be completely deleted from a menu. Once an item is marked Inactive, it is no … Continue reading How do I delete an item?