Running payroll

If you are using Instore to track employee time, running payroll is easy. Follow these simple steps: Navigate to Employees/Payroll on your Office portal Adjust the filters at the top of this report to the time frame you want to run payroll for, then click Apply. Note that you can also filter by location and … Continue reading Running payroll

Setting an employee pay rate

To set an employee pay rate, go to the Employees tab in Office Search for the employee using the search box or the filters on the top of the page Click the employee’s name to edit Under Hourly rates, create one or more pay rate. One is sufficient for most employees, unless they have multiple roles that … Continue reading Setting an employee pay rate

Employee creation

To create an employee, click the Employees tab on your Office dashboard, then the Employees drop-down Click Create Employee Fill out the fields listed and create a password and pin for the new person. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long. Pin must be a 4-digit number. Assign the employee to whichever location(s) he/she works … Continue reading Employee creation

Setting up permissions

Instore permissions are controlled at both the location level and the employee level, with all settings on the Office portal. Determine which actions on your Instore tablet(s) require a Pinpad, then create employee Permission Groups granting or restricting access to the Pinpad in these areas. Location Permissions (where to require the PinPad) On Office, navigate … Continue reading Setting up permissions

Creating/editing shifts

Most Instore shifts are created when employees clock in and out on your Instore tablet(s) using their unique Pin codes. If an employee forgets to clock in for a shift or you simply need to create an employee shift before running payroll: Navigate to Employees/Shifts on your Office portal Click Create Shift Pick the Employee, … Continue reading Creating/editing shifts