Connection Status light

Instore includes a Connection Status light on the bottom left of your Instore app to alert you when your iPad’s connectivity is compromised. The light is designed to alert you if your Internet connection fails or slows down, if a piece of hardware disconnects (printer, card reader, scanner), or if the tablet is not syncing … Continue reading Connection Status light

Internet Connectivity

Instore is a cloud-based point of sale system. This means that the data generated at your store is synced over your network to be stored securely at a hosted data center. For the cloud backup to work, your iPad(s) running Instore must be connected to the internet. Instore can connect through WiFi or cellular network … Continue reading Internet Connectivity


Instore requires a network connection when running on the iPad in order to synchronize sales information and employee data. Typically, your iPad will use its WiFi to connect to the internet. iPads with cellular connectivity such as 3G can also connect to the internet. If you are experiencing internet connectivity issues or your WiFi is … Continue reading WiFi