Set up your iPad(s)

Turn on your iPad and tap the Home button at the bottom of the device Select your language and country. We recommend creating a separate Apple ID for your business. This will help prevent personal photo’s and text messages going to your work device. Please save all of your ID and password information in a … Continue reading Set up your iPad(s)

Charger Problems

Customers with newer iPad models may experience failures with their USB charging cable when connected through their iDynamo card reader. The iPad doesn’t charge despite the cable being properly attached. This problem is due to the iPad’s high power requirements not being met by the charger. To rectify the problem, Check that you are using a 2 … Continue reading Charger Problems

Updating the menu on your iPad

When you make changes to your menu on the online backend, you can upload those changes to your iPad. To upload your menu to the iPad, click the Settings gear on your iPad. Tap Download changes from Office. Your menu, tax, and location changes will now synchronize and upload to the iPad.