Tax Inclusive Item Pricing

You can manually setup pricing in Instore so that tax is calculated within the item price, as opposed to a separate tax line at the bottom of the bill. You may prefer this method if you would like customers to only see simple, whole number pricing. To set a tax-inclusive price for an item, go … Continue reading Tax Inclusive Item Pricing

Setting item-level taxes

To set item-level tax, including tax-free items, click the Items button on the Items tab of Office. Select the item you’d like to change. On the item screen, click the Turn-on item-level tax button. A blue check will appear. Enter the tax rate in the Item-level tax rate box. Item-level taxes will override and replace … Continue reading Setting item-level taxes

Planning a menu

Instore offers a flexible menu (aka inventory) configuration designed to fit the workflow needs of a variety of businesses. The following explanations will help you create items for sale that are optimized for accurate order taking, inspired upselling, and flawless receipts. Remember that Instore is designed to be flexible, so these suggestions are just a … Continue reading Planning a menu

Create an item

Items are the individual things that you sell with associated pricing. Items can come in different Sizes and be modified in multiple ways. To create an Item, click the Items tab on your Office dashboard. Click Create Item, enter the Item name, select the Category the Item belongs to (or create a new Category). You can enter … Continue reading Create an item

Creating an order

To create an order, start at the main screen of the Instore application. If not already selected, touch the order-taking button at the top left. Tap a category on the left column, then tap the item name in the right column of buttons. Alternatively, click the Search button at the top of the menu and … Continue reading Creating an order

Splitting an order by item

To split an order for payment purposes, after adding items to the bill screen, touch the Pay button at the bottom of the bill screen, then Split in the top left of the Pay screen Choose Split by item(s), then highlight the item(s) on the bill screen that should be on the first payment. When done, … Continue reading Splitting an order by item

How do I delete an item?

When you create an item on your menu, Instore has an Inactive feature that lets you remove the item but still keep a copy of it within your account. This is useful for seasonal items. Instore currently does not allow an item to be completely deleted from a menu. Once an item is marked Inactive, it is no … Continue reading How do I delete an item?