Planning a menu

Instore offers a flexible menu (aka inventory) configuration designed to fit the workflow needs of a variety of businesses. The following explanations will help you create items for sale that are optimized for accurate order taking, inspired upselling, and flawless receipts. Remember that Instore is designed to be flexible, so these suggestions are just a … Continue reading Planning a menu

Gift Cards

Instore uses a plastic-based gift card system designed to be swiped just like a credit card at your point of sale. These cards can double as Rewards cards. Requirements Plastic gift cards should be ordered beforehand. Please request help from our support team if needed. The iDynamo credit card reader or Elo PayPoint built in reader … Continue reading Gift Cards

Create an item

Items are the individual things that you sell with associated pricing. Items can come in different Sizes and be modified in multiple ways. To create an Item, click the Items tab on your Office dashboard. Click Create Item, enter the Item name, select the Category the Item belongs to (or create a new Category). You can enter … Continue reading Create an item

Copying a menu to a different store

Click on Settings/Locations on the Office portal After you fill out the new location information, you can choose another location’s menu to copy over under the Menu copy drop down. After you create the new location, you can check the new location’s menu and make changes.

Updating the menu on your iPad

When you make changes to your menu on the online backend, you can upload those changes to your iPad. To upload your menu to the iPad, click the Settings gear on your iPad. Tap Download changes from Office. Your menu, tax, and location changes will now synchronize and upload to the iPad.

How do I delete an item?

When you create an item on your menu, Instore has an Inactive feature that lets you remove the item but still keep a copy of it within your account. This is useful for seasonal items. Instore currently does not allow an item to be completely deleted from a menu. Once an item is marked Inactive, it is no … Continue reading How do I delete an item?

Group Modifiers

When setting up Modifiers, there are a couple options you will want to configure to ensure the appropriate questions are being asked for accurate order taking. The settings below are a great starting place: How Many – How many choices from the Modifier Group can be made on one item? For example, Unlimited allows your team members … Continue reading Group Modifiers

Connecting a menu to Instore iPad

On your iPad, launch the Instore application. You can download the application here. Touch Login then enter your login Email and Password. Touch the blue location box to the right of the store address you want to load. Instore will then synchronize your store information to the iPad, including the menu you created.