Advanced Printing

Instore allows you to direct specific items to specific printers. For example, all drinks can be routed to a Bar printer and all food can be routed to a Kitchen printer. In addition, order ticket printing can be set to automatically occur whenever an order is held. Here’s how to take advantage of Advanced Printing: … Continue reading Advanced Printing

Turning off receipt printing

To turn receipt printing on or off, be sure you have a printer connected already. Read the article “Connecting your receipt printer” to learn more. To turn off receipt printing on Instore, tap the Settings area by clicking the gear on the lower left corner of the iPad. Tap Printers at the top of the … Continue reading Turning off receipt printing

Receipt printers

Instore is compatible with a variety of Epson and Star Micronics thermal and impact printers. Specific models can be found on our hardware portal. Make sure your printer is Ethernet-ready, as USB printers are not compatible with Instore. We offer a limited number of WiFi and Bluetooth models, but encourage Ethernet cable connections when at … Continue reading Receipt printers

Connecting your cash drawer

Most automatic cash drawer models are compatible with the Instore system. The cash drawer connects directly to one of your receipt printers. Depending on the cash drawer model type, this connection is made via a cable with appropriate end-points, typically RJ45 on one side and landline telephone on the other. Multi-purpose cables like the APG … Continue reading Connecting your cash drawer

Updating Star Printer Firmware

If your Star TSP100 printers periodically drop their connection to your tablets, first confirm that your network is performing normally. If you don’t have a network problem, Star recommends updating your printer firmware. Here’s a link to the necessary update files with written instructions are below. You can also call Star directly at 800-782-7636 and … Continue reading Updating Star Printer Firmware

Printer troubleshooting

If your printers does not connect or stay connected to your iPad(s) reliably, try the following troubleshooting steps. Confirm you are using one of Instore’s supported printer models, listed here. Make sure both the power cable and ethernet cable of your printer are firmly plugged into their respective outlets. Instore connects to your printer(s) through … Continue reading Printer troubleshooting

Cash drawer troubleshooting

If your cash drawer will not open or you are having other trouble with your cash drawer, try the following troubleshooting steps. Confirm that you have an Active cash drawer listed in Instore’s Cash Management tab, under Drawers. Note that the drawer needs to be assigned to connected hardware to work properly. Confirm that your … Continue reading Cash drawer troubleshooting

Receipt order numbers

The order number on an Instore™ receipt contains two pieces of information: The unique identification number of the iPad running Instore An incrementing number that resets every day For example, the order number 2901 08 consists of two numbers. The 2901 refers to the unique iPad identification number. The 08 would be the eighth order … Continue reading Receipt order numbers