Setting Up Credit Card Processing

Instore works with the iDynamo Credit Card Reader. We integrate with several payment processors–including CardConnect, Clearent, Mercury, and EVO Payments–to handle credit card transactions. With integrated processing, you can accept credit cards directly on the register via the integrated card reader. To set up credit card processing with Instore, send a recent card processing statement … Continue reading Setting Up Credit Card Processing

Quickstart Guide

Create an account: Go to and click “Create an account”. Fill in the fields to set up your first location. You may want to bookmark this site as you’ll access it often to manage your account. If your account has already been set up, just login instead. Create your first item: navigate to the Items … Continue reading Quickstart Guide

Buying Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards on Instore are free to swipe and free to use. You only pay for the cost of printing the actual gift cards. Below are the costs for the most common gift card packages. Each card is printed on laminated 30mm PVC with a magnetic stripe on the back. Card prices are informative … Continue reading Buying Gift Cards