Swiping a card

With the iDynamo Credit Card Reader connected to the iPad, cards can be swiped from either the main Order screen, on the Payment screen after the Pay button has been touched, or on the Split Payment screen after the Split button has been touched. Fully insert the card into the reader with the magnetic strip … Continue reading Swiping a card

Can I pick my own credit card processor?

Instore integrates directly with CardConnect and Clearent as credit card processors. Contact us @ 855-568-3696, x1 or sales@instoredoes.com to learn more.

Accepting a credit card

To accept a credit card, after adding items to the bill screen, swipe a card through the card reader to begin the authorization process. If the card is approved, a Pay in full button with the card type will appear in the middle of the screen. Touch the Pay in full button to go to … Continue reading Accepting a credit card