Tax reporting

Instore offers a variety of tax reports on our Office portal, designed to make tax filing easier. Tax Summary – navigate to Reports/Profit and Loss to see total Sales tax collected. To view taxes broken out by rate (if your location has more than one tax rate), expand the Sales tax collected line. To view … Continue reading Tax reporting

Tax Inclusive Item Pricing

You can manually setup pricing in Instore so that tax is calculated within the item price, as opposed to a separate tax line at the bottom of the bill. You may prefer this method if you would like customers to only see simple, whole number pricing. To set a tax-inclusive price for an item, go … Continue reading Tax Inclusive Item Pricing

Setting item-level taxes

To set item-level tax, including tax-free items, click the Items button on the Items tab of Office. Select the item you’d like to change. On the item screen, click the Turn-on item-level tax button. A blue check will appear. Enter the tax rate in the Item-level tax rate box. Item-level taxes will override and replace … Continue reading Setting item-level taxes