Group Modifiers

When setting up Modifiers, there are a couple options you will want to configure to ensure the appropriate questions are being asked for accurate order taking. The settings below are a great starting place: How Many – How many choices from the Modifier Group can be made on one item? For example, Unlimited allows your team members … Continue reading Group Modifiers

Credit Card Processing Fees

Instore does not force one set of processing fees on every customer. Instead, we work with CardConnect and Clearent  to optimize rates for each business. Send us a recent processing statement to to get a quote.

Contacting support

Instore has three ways to contact support: Through our phone support system at 855–568–3696, x1 available from 8:00am – 6:00pm PST. Through email at Expect a response within 24 hours. Through our online support system at If you need help at your store, please contact us through email or phone.

Connecting a menu to Instore iPad

On your iPad, launch the Instore application. You can download the application here. Touch Login then enter your login Email and Password. Touch the blue location box to the right of the store address you want to load. Instore will then synchronize your store information to the iPad, including the menu you created.

Change business name

To change your business name on Instore, login to Office and go to Settings/Locations You will see a list of all your locations. Click the location name to edit its settings. Locate the input for editing the Location Name and type in the new name. Save your changes. Finally, on the Instore iPad App, tap … Continue reading Change business name

Can I pick my own credit card processor?

Instore integrates directly with CardConnect and Clearent as credit card processors. Contact us @ 855-568-3696, x1 or to learn more.

Accepting credit card tips

Instore allows you to accept tips in several ways. Note that you can turn tipping on or off, customize tips amounts, set a tip withholding percentage to cover processing fees, and enable on-screen signature (vs. paper) under Settings/Locations.   Here are two ways to accept tips: Option 1: Customer adds tip on the iPad screen … Continue reading Accepting credit card tips