Using an integrated scale

Instore supports integrated scales from Avery Brecknell, connected to the ELO PayPoint and PayPoint Plus all-in-one registers. To connect your scale to the PayPoint: Make sure you have the scale, PayPoint, power cables for both, RJ45 to DB9 serial cable that comes with the PayPoint, and the DB9 M/F Serial cable Connect both the scale … Continue reading Using an integrated scale

Adding Additional Tablets

You can add additional tablets to your Instore subscription at any time (additional subscription fees apply) within your Instore Office account. Adding a Tablet On Office, navigate to Settings/Locations, then select the location you wish to edit. Scroll down to Tablets and then click + Add a Tablet. You can then name the tablet (ex. Host … Continue reading Adding Additional Tablets

Importing data to Instore

When you first open your Instore account, one of the easiest ways to build out your menu/inventory is to use our Export/Import feature on the Items page. This allows you to  bulk upload using a spreadsheet rather than create items one by one. This feature is also useful when you need to add many new … Continue reading Importing data to Instore

Table Maps

Instore now offers a Table Maps feature for restaurants and other businesses with a table- or seat-centric workflow. Activate Table Maps: Login to the Office portal and go to Settings/Locations After clicking on the location you wish to activate, check the Use table maps box, then select alert times, including how many minutes before a … Continue reading Table Maps

Online Ordering

Instore offers integrated online ordering through Zuppler, a partner that can build a custom-branded, mobile-optimized web page for your business. Zuppler can build from scratch or simply add a page to your existing website. They can also create a personalized online ordering app. To learn more, schedule a demo with Zuppler here. Once your Zuppler … Continue reading Online Ordering

Instore Reports

Here’s a brief summary of each Instore report and its value. Daily Performance report The Daily Performance report is the first report you see when logging into our Office portal, under Reports/Daily Performance. It’s a great dashboard for your business, highlighting sales for the day, clocked in employees, labor cost and cost of goods, as … Continue reading Instore Reports

Set up your iPad(s)

Turn on your iPad and tap the Home button at the bottom of the device Select your language and country. We recommend creating a separate Apple ID for your business. This will help prevent personal photo’s and text messages going to your work device. Please save all of your ID and password information in a … Continue reading Set up your iPad(s)