Using a Dejavoo card terminal

Instore customers can integrate one or more Dejavoo card terminals to accept EMV (chip) cards as well as NFC (e.g. Apple Pay) payments. These terminals can be used instead of or alongside a Magtek Dynamo card reader. Please speak to your Instore representative about purchasing a Dejavoo terminal. As with most hardware peripherals, we strongly recommend … Continue reading Using a Dejavoo card terminal

Barcode scanning

Instore offers integrated barcode scanning, enabling you to scan items with 1D barcodes at your point of sale, automatically populating the bill screen. Buy Supported Hardware We currently support three scanners, a built-in scanner on the Elo Paypoint device, a cabled scanner to the Star mPOP, and a mobile scanner, the Socket Mobile 7Ci, all available … Continue reading Barcode scanning

Advertise your Rewards Program

This brochure can be printed and posted at your register(s). If you need us to adjust the language on the brochure, please send an email to requesting your specific point and reward structure.  

Rewards Cards

Rewards Cards can be issued to Rewards program members. The cards double as gift cards, although a balance is not required. To issue a Rewards card, Start with an unloaded Instore Gift Card. Order Instore gift cards here. On the Bill Screen, Swipe the Card, then either search for an existing customer account or + Add new … Continue reading Rewards Cards

Setting Up Credit Card Processing

Instore works with the iDynamo Credit Card Reader. We integrate with several payment processors–including CardConnect, Clearent, Mercury, and EVO Payments–to handle credit card transactions. With integrated processing, you can accept credit cards directly on the register via the integrated card reader. To set up credit card processing with Instore, send a recent card processing statement … Continue reading Setting Up Credit Card Processing

Setting item-level taxes

To set item-level tax, including tax-free items, click the Items button on the Items tab of Office. Select the item you’d like to change. On the item screen, click the Turn-on item-level tax button. A blue check will appear. Enter the tax rate in the Item-level tax rate box. Item-level taxes will override and replace … Continue reading Setting item-level taxes

Setting an employee pay rate

To set an employee pay rate, go to the Employees tab in Office Search for the employee using the search box or the filters on the top of the page Click the employee’s name to edit Under Hourly rates, create one or more pay rate. One is sufficient for most employees, unless they have multiple roles that … Continue reading Setting an employee pay rate