Quickstart Guide

Create an account: Go to office.instoredoes.com and click “Create an account”. Fill in the fields to set up your first location. You may want to bookmark this site as you’ll access it often to manage your account. If your account has already been set up, just login instead. Create your first item: navigate to the Items … Continue reading Quickstart Guide

Planning a menu

Instore offers a flexible menu (aka inventory) configuration designed to fit the workflow needs of a variety of businesses. The following explanations will help you create items for sale that are optimized for accurate order taking, inspired upselling, and flawless receipts. Remember that Instore is designed to be flexible, so these suggestions are just a … Continue reading Planning a menu

Internet Connectivity

Instore is a cloud-based point of sale system. This means that the data generated at your store is synced over your network to be stored securely at a hosted data center. For the cloud backup to work, your iPad(s) running Instore must be connected to the internet. Instore can connect through WiFi or cellular network … Continue reading Internet Connectivity

How do I change the name of my business?

Navigate to the Settings area of Instore’s Office portal. Click on the Locations tab. Select the location you would like to edit and change the location name. Be sure to save your changes. These changes will be reflected on receipts you print and email at the store once you synchronize Instore at that location.

Creating locations

Locations are created on the Office portal. Each location is a store. It can have its own unique menu, taxation and employees. Create as many locations as you like. Your first location will be created during the account creation process. You can view the location details by clicking Settings at the top of your Office dashboard and … Continue reading Creating locations

Employee creation

To create an employee, click the Employees tab on your Office dashboard, then the Employees drop-down Click Create Employee Fill out the fields listed and create a password and pin for the new person. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long. Pin must be a 4-digit number. Assign the employee to whichever location(s) he/she works … Continue reading Employee creation

Creating a category

Categories are groupings of Items that you sell, such as coffees or sandwiches. To create a Category, Click the Items tab on your Office dashboard, selecting the sub-header Categories. Click Create Category, enter the category name, and click Save. Repeat these steps for as many Categories as you like, noting that more than 8 Categories will require … Continue reading Creating a category

Create an item

Items are the individual things that you sell with associated pricing. Items can come in different Sizes and be modified in multiple ways. To create an Item, click the Items tab on your Office dashboard. Click Create Item, enter the Item name, select the Category the Item belongs to (or create a new Category). You can enter … Continue reading Create an item

Copying a menu to a different store

Click on Settings/Locations on the Office portal After you fill out the new location information, you can choose another location’s menu to copy over under the Menu copy drop down. After you create the new location, you can check the new location’s menu and make changes.