Checking sales

Sales generated at the store automatically synchronize to a cloud database, where they can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. To view your store sales, login to the Instore backend. Once you login, your sales page will load. On it, you will see a graph of your daily sales along with reports. You can manage … Continue reading Checking sales

Buying Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards on Instore are free to swipe and free to use. You only pay for the cost of printing the actual gift cards. Below are the costs for the most common gift card packages. Each card is printed on laminated 30mm PVC with a magnetic stripe on the back. Card prices are informative … Continue reading Buying Gift Cards

Advanced Printing

Instore allows you to direct specific items to specific printers. For example, all drinks can be routed to a Bar printer and all food can be routed to a Kitchen printer. In addition, order ticket printing can be set to automatically occur whenever an order is held. Here’s how to take advantage of Advanced Printing: … Continue reading Advanced Printing

Setting Store Time Zone

To set a store time zone, login to Office and go to Settings/Locations You will see a list of all your locations with your currently selected location at the top of the page. Click the location name to edit its settings. Locate the input for editing the Timezone and select your desired timzeone from the … Continue reading Setting Store Time Zone

Setting up permissions

Instore permissions are controlled at both the location level and the employee level, with all settings on the Office portal. Determine which actions on your Instore tablet(s) require a Pinpad, then create employee Permission Groups granting or restricting access to the Pinpad in these areas. Location Permissions (where to require the PinPad) On Office, navigate … Continue reading Setting up permissions

Group Modifiers

When setting up Modifiers, there are a couple options you will want to configure to ensure the appropriate questions are being asked for accurate order taking. The settings below are a great starting place: How Many – How many choices from the Modifier Group can be made on one item? For example, Unlimited allows your team members … Continue reading Group Modifiers