Using Instore to cut costs

Using Instore and the online backend, you can lower the costs it takes to run your business with data export, employee hours, and online promotions. Data Export Instead of using an accountant, you can simply export your data from within your Office portal and import into your favorite accounting tool like Xero, Quickbooks, or Mint. … Continue reading Using Instore to cut costs

Buying Gift Cards

Plastic gift cards on Instore are free to swipe and free to use. You only pay for the cost of printing the actual gift cards. Below are the costs for the most common gift card packages. Each card is printed on laminated 30mm PVC with a magnetic stripe on the back. Card prices are informative … Continue reading Buying Gift Cards

Updating the menu on your iPad

When you make changes to your menu on the online backend, you can upload those changes to your iPad. To upload your menu to the iPad, click the Settings gear on your iPad. Tap Download changes from Office. Your menu, tax, and location changes will now synchronize and upload to the iPad.

Delayed Processing

Delayed Processing allows you to store credit and gift card numbers when real-time authorization is not possible. This feature comes in handy when you lose Internet connectivity or your card processor is experiencing problems. This feature uses the same swipe encryption that you use while online and only works on swipe (not manual) transactions. Merchants … Continue reading Delayed Processing

Customer Database

Instore allows you to track customers in your own Customer Database, with little to no work required by your employees. Your Customer Database allows you to: Market your business by emailing more receipts (and save paper in the process). Instore now remembers email addresses, so you’ll find it easier to send receipts digitally. Open tabs with the … Continue reading Customer Database

Creating Discounts

To create a discount, navigate to the Promotions tab in Office, then click the Discounts button on the top bar. Click Give your discount a name in the top box. Type the discount value in the Amount box, using a $-sign before (for cash discounts) or %-sign after (for percent discounts). Leave the box empty … Continue reading Creating Discounts