Performing a no sale

To perform a no sale, touch the Cash Drawer button on the bottom left of the application. Touch the No sale button. Identify yourself by finding your name on the employee list that pops up, selecting your name, and entering your pin code. If the Require notes for system functions setting is ON in the … Continue reading Performing a no sale

Viewing a held order

To view a held order, touch the Order button on the left column of the application. At the top of the Order screen, touch the Open button to bring up held orders. Held orders are listed in chronological order and can be either opened for quick viewing by touching the specific order bar OR brought … Continue reading Viewing a held order

Swiping a card

With the iDynamo Credit Card Reader connected to the iPad, cards can be swiped from either the main Order screen, on the Payment screen after the Pay button has been touched, or on the Split Payment screen after the Split button has been touched. Fully insert the card into the reader with the magnetic strip … Continue reading Swiping a card

Checking clock-in status

If an employee is clocked in at your store, you can check his or her clock-in status on the Office portal. Navigate to Employees/Shifts on Office Adjust the time filter at the top of the Shifts report to Today, All employees Click Apply Employees that are clocked in will show up in the table highlighted in … Continue reading Checking clock-in status

Splitting an order by item

To split an order for payment purposes, after adding items to the bill screen, touch the Pay button at the bottom of the bill screen, then Split in the top left of the Pay screen Choose Split by item(s), then highlight the item(s) on the bill screen that should be on the first payment. When done, … Continue reading Splitting an order by item