Splitting an order

To split an order for payment purposes, after adding items to the bill screen, touch the Pay button at the bottom of the bill screen, then Split in the top left of the Pay screen You have several split options, including paying a specific amount, splitting the bill evenly, or splitting by item(s). You might use … Continue reading Splitting an order

Signing for an order

To allow a customer to sign for an order, after swiping a credit card, tilt or swivel the iPad so it faces the customer. He or she can select a tip amount and then sign their name with their finger in the white space in the middle of the screen left of the X. Signatures … Continue reading Signing for an order

Receipt order numbers

The order number on an Instore™ receipt contains two pieces of information: The unique identification number of the iPad running Instore An incrementing number that resets every day For example, the order number 2901 08 consists of two numbers. The 2901 refers to the unique iPad identification number. The 08 would be the eighth order … Continue reading Receipt order numbers

Processing refunds

To process a refund, touch the Order button on the top left, locate the paid order, and open the order by touching the specific order bar. With the paid order open, touch the Refund button at the top of the order. You will need to identify yourself by finding your name on the employee list … Continue reading Processing refunds

Customizing your receipts

Turn receipts into a marketing platform for your store. Instore lets you insert messages into every emailed or printed receipt to inform, reward, and connect you to your customers after they leave the store. To customize your receipts, navigate to Promotions/Receipts in Office In the box at the top of the receipt, add custom text that will … Continue reading Customizing your receipts

Attaching Servers to orders

Servers can be attached to orders in two ways Set a cashier on the Time Tracking tab of the Instore application. This cashier will be attached to all orders processed on the device unless a Server is assigned directly on a specific order. On the bill screen, touch the Server button on the top left … Continue reading Attaching Servers to orders

Creating/editing shifts

Most Instore shifts are created when employees clock in and out on your Instore tablet(s) using their unique Pin codes. If an employee forgets to clock in for a shift or you simply need to create an employee shift before running payroll: Navigate to Employees/Shifts on your Office portal Click Create Shift Pick the Employee, … Continue reading Creating/editing shifts