Vault Connect Troubleshooting

If you use a Vault Connect case, you may encounter a problem with the case not charging the iPad inside properly. To troubleshoot, make sure that: your case is plugged into an official Apple power adapter, the power brick your iPad comes with the USB Accessories button is turned on in your iPad Settings (Settings/Touch … Continue reading Vault Connect Troubleshooting

Elo PayPoint troubleshooting

If you are using Instore with an Elo PayPoint device, you may experience some of the following issues: Instore doesn’t recognize PayPoint When your Instore app doesn’t recognize its connection to the PayPoint, generally the quickest fix is to force close Instore (double-click the iPad’s Home button then swipe upward on the Instore app) then … Continue reading Elo PayPoint troubleshooting

Connection Status light

Instore includes a Connection Status light on the bottom left of your Instore app to alert you when your iPad’s connectivity is compromised. The light is designed to alert you if your Internet connection fails or slows down, if a piece of hardware disconnects (printer, card reader, scanner), or if the tablet is not syncing … Continue reading Connection Status light

Charger Problems

Customers with newer iPad models may experience failures with their USB charging cable when connected through their iDynamo card reader. The iPad doesn’t charge despite the cable being properly attached. This problem is due to the iPad’s high power requirements not being met by the charger. To rectify the problem, Check that you are using a 2 … Continue reading Charger Problems

Merging customer records

As your Instore customer database grows, you will occasionally create duplicate entries for a single customer. This can happen when a customer uses a new credit card that does not get associated with their existing account or signs up for Rewards with a different email address. To merge duplicate customer records, Click on the Customer Database tab … Continue reading Merging customer records


Instore requires a network connection when running on the iPad in order to synchronize sales information and employee data. Typically, your iPad will use its WiFi to connect to the internet. iPads with cellular connectivity such as 3G can also connect to the internet. If you are experiencing internet connectivity issues or your WiFi is … Continue reading WiFi

Updating Star Printer Firmware

If your Star TSP100 printers periodically drop their connection to your tablets, first confirm that your network is performing normally. If you don’t have a network problem, Star recommends updating your printer firmware. Here’s a link to the necessary update files with written instructions are below. You can also call Star directly at 800-782-7636 and … Continue reading Updating Star Printer Firmware