How Much Customization Does an iPad Cash Register Allow?

When deciding on a point of sale system for your food-based business, flexibility is an important factor: After all, you may want to change your menu frequently, update your pricing, or even update the types of payment methods that you’re willing to accept.

While legacy terminal systems make it difficult to modify items and pricing on the fly — and in some cases, impossible to add new payment methods — an iPad cash register system permits virtually limitless customization options.

Simple to add new menu items

With an iPad cash register, if you want to add your daily special to the menu, it’s no problem: While logged into the app’s backend, simply type the name of the item into the app and add a price, and you’re good to go. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to see how popular your new item proved to be and decide whether to add it as a regular menu item.

Many pricing customization options

If you want to modify the price of a permanent item with an iPad cash register, that’s no problem: Simply update the price in your point of sale app, and it’s all set. Other types of pricing changes are simple to do as well: With the touch of a button, you can split a bill, or you can offer any number of discounts you’ve set up, such as a “new customer” discount or a promotional discount from a Groupon voucher, for example.

Many pricing options

In contrast to a terminal point of sale system, which often accepts just cash, credit cards, and gift cards, the iPad cash register gives business owners the opportunity to explore many different customer payment channels. In addition to the standard payment options mentioned, for instance, you can set up your iPad cash register to accept payment through newer channels such as virtual currency systems Bitcoin or Dwolla. In addition to catering to customer preferences, including such options can also help your business save money by eliminating the need to pay credit card processing fees for non-cash transactions.


Traditional cash register systems must be plugged in and set up at one specific location. That’s not the case for iPad cash registers: They can be used at any location, which allows you and your employees to ring up customers no matter where they are: at a counter, at a table, or even at a farmer’s market. Instead of asking customers to wait in line, you can meet them where they are, enhancing the customer experience.