Tablet in restaurant

iPads Are on the Menu at More Restaurants Than Ever

Anyone who’s recently been to Chili’s or Red Robin has experienced the touch screen experience from their table. Guests love ordering from a tablet because it offers a greater level of control over the ordering experience, making modifications a breeze. Plus, it’s just fun to finger-swipe through the menu instead of paging through it. Consumers are increasingly expecting some level of tech-enabled experience whenever they eat out. It isn’t necessarily practical for every table in your cafe to have a fully-fledged mPOS touch screen on it, but there’s always a use for a couple of iPads in the front of the house.

Enhancing the guest experience

The guest experience is your number-one concern as a restaurant owner. Building in mobile engagement takes a standard interaction and make it worthy of your guest’s attention and loyalty. With an mPOS-enabled tablet, you can improve the guest experience in multiple ways, including:

  • Minimize wait times. A seamless experience is quick even when the lines are long because there’s less potential for things to go wrong. For customers of small cafes and fast-casual businesses, time is of the essence; they usually have somewhere to be within the next few minutes so it’s important to maximize efficiency.
  • Maximize order accuracy. There’s no place for messy handwriting, illegible shorthand, and misinterpreted verbal orders in your restaurant. Eliminate that headache by giving your cashiers tablets for order-taking. Pressing a button for each menu item and modifier is unparalleled for accuracy and near-impossible to mess up.
  • Streamline rewards use. How many of your rewards customers have coupons or free items sitting on their wallet or email inbox that they never use? When it’s a pain in the neck to locate your rewards card in an overstuffed wallet, your customers are less likely to participate. Solutions like Instore Rewards lets you streamline rewards by associating customer loyalty accounts with a gift or credit card.
  • Add that “wow” factor. Competition is fierce. Chances are, there’s another cafe right around the corner. How do you keep your customers coming back? A well-equipped team that knows how to use their tablets provides a better customer experience, and that’s what keeps your guests loyal.

Streamlining the front- and back-of-the-house

The guest experience is tied closely to the way your cashiers, servers, and kitchen staff interact and function. It’s important to support their process by choosing a mobile solution that minimizes any potential snags between the cash register, the kitchen, and the hand-off plane. Integrating tablets into your front-of-house operations affects the kitchen just as positively. Here’s how:

  • Instantly send order tickets to the kitchen. This keeps orders flowing naturally, and allows your team to complete prep work for each order more seamlessly.
  • Economize your inventory tracking. There’s nothing worse than finding out you’re out of vanilla syrup 15 minutes before the afternoon rush. Eliminate that possibility by automating inventory tracking so that you know exactly when you need more of each item.
  • Reduce waste. The kitchen relies on trusting that orders are coming through accurately. With mPOS, ease-of-use ensures that what is going back to the kitchen is exactly what the customer wants, every time. No more need to clarify with the front-of-house staff, because every order is clear, concise, and tracks any modifications.

Bring iPad flexibility to your own restaurant

A full-fledged mPOS system isn’t always the right choice for small businesses, but any quaint diner, intimate cafe, or mom-and-pop restaurant can make use of a well-chosen mPOS terminal system. This budget-friendly solution includes core features such as payments, loyalty rewards, a functional customer database, and gift card support. The future of tablets in the food service industry is bright, and it’s time to get on board.

Photo Credit: Ted Eytan by CC BY-SA 2.0