The Benefits of Barcoding

One of the great benefits of barcode scanning is how it can save you time, money, and hassle. With an mPOS system, barcode scanning can improve inventory receiving, organize product management, and make reordering a snap. Best of all, it’s easy—just point the scanner and shoot. No lengthy IT training session or hours with a manual required.

Here are some other ways barcodes can help your business thrive:

Less guesswork

We’ve all been at the checkout when the cashier can’t remember the code for bananas and has to wait for someone to look it up or run to the produce section to find the code. With barcode technology, provided you’ve made sure all items you sell are properly entered in the system, your staff don’t need to know the difference between an oatmeal cookie and a chocolate chip cookie. The barcode identifies the item, and the minute you’ve sold that cookie it disappears from the available inventory. This saves time at the register, which of course customers appreciate. A system like Instore’s integrated barcode scanning also links to information on how much of a particular item is in stock. Employees spend less time trying to find items, see how many are available, or sell items that have run out. Scanners can also highlight supplier and pricing information to make reordering easier.

Fewer mistakes, and faster

Let’s face it, manual entry is slow, and prone to human error. Fumbly fingers or distracted employees make mistakes. That’s less likely with a barcode scanner. It’s also much less likely that human error will put a drag on your customer service. When employees can scan items rather than key them in, checkout is a breeze whether at the register or around the store. Customers can get on with their day and you can keep business moving for a more profitable shift.

Save time, set goals

Using inventory tracking with barcoding can support your business goals for improved service or accuracy. For example, maybe your goal is to have less than five inventory losses per month, or to sell a specific number of speciality items. With real-time data from your barcode scanner it’s easier to meet goals and give deserving employees praise or a nice bonus.

Educate customers

For some businesses, barcodes increase customer engagement. At the American Tea Room, a tea and teaware chain, customers can scan barcodes on vials of tea to populate a touchscreen with details about that tea. Similarly, some fish restaurants have put edible QR codes on fish so customers can learn about the provenance of what they’ve ordered.

It’s time to think creatively about how barcodes can work for your business. As a worthy component of your mPOS system, they can help reduce errors, speed up customer check-out, and keep track of what’s sold and what’s in stock. Used smartly, barcoding can play a key role in strengthening your business.

Photo copyright: Jan McLaughlin by CC BY 2.0