Tips for Effortless Multi-location Management

In the age of big data, opening a new location for your small business has become infinitely easier and more user-friendly. How? With a mere touch of a tablet-based system like Instore, menus and labor can be duplicated and tweaked for new locations, and innovative tools can help you manage numerous locations at once. The key is an mPOS system designed to help you manage multiple locations effortlessly.

Here are four tips for efficient multi-location management as you grow:

Setting up the new location

The new tools available to businesses these days can be likened to the novelist making a move from a typewriter to a computer. Gone are the days of sluggishly creating a new document from scratch each time. Similarly, if you’re opening a new branch of your restaurant or beverage business, you can simply copy the menu from your existing location in a matter of seconds—duplicating what you already have in your primary location and tweaking it to fit the new location. The same can be done for labor and other planning data. As you expand across various states, mPOS systems like Instore can also allow you to set up different tax rates in an easy and accurate way.

Being present in multiple places at once

New technologies—and the abundance of data—are allowing business owners to have a unique, bird’s eye view of their businesses, no matter how far away they may be standing. By launching an mPOS system, you can track what’s happening in each of your locations from your smartphone. You can take stock of what your staff is doing, who’s operating on the floor, and what kind of sales are happening in real-time. This is a great advantage in managing multiple locations—including your ability to respond quickly and remotely.

A bird’s eye view of inventory

mPOS systems also make it easy to access inventory and track changes by allowing you to view data for all locations. This can be done either on a store-by-store basis or across all locations. You’ll always know what your inventory looks like across your business so that you can restock smartly as well as gauge and analyze what each individual location is selling.

Greeting every customer as a regular

With a mobile point-of-sale system, you can greet your regular customers in other locations. If they stop by another store and use a recognized credit card, which doubles as a rewards card, your staff will instantly gain access to their customer, gift, and rewards data, and customize their sales approach to suit the customer’s needs.

With so many benefits at hand, why not use today’s technological innovations to make your growth abundantly easier? Now is the time to make that shift to an mPOS system that will make managing multiple locations a breeze.

Photo copyright: urbanfoodie33 by CC BY 2.0