Training Employees on Using iPad Point of Sale Systems

The restaurant industry experiences some of the highest turnover rates in our economy. Fast-food restaurants can experience as much as a 50 percent turnover each year and casual dining restaurants experience, on average, a 44 percent turnover, according to Fine dining restaurants often keep people longer because they can ride on the higher economic status of their clients, but they also offer more training on the job.

When a business is short-handed, many stressors are alleviated if the people who are present can keep the orders and payment transactions running smoothly. In the restaurant industry, business hinges on fluid service.

The fast, easy training involved in getting a new employee up-to-speed on an iPad point of sale system can be one way to retain employees. And when an employee does leave, the simplicity of the tool will enable you to train a replacement faster.

Tom Nealon, group executive vice president at J. C. Penney, told SBinfoCanada that the training for his retail iPad point of service system was minor.

“It’s such an easy tool to pick up and use and such a good selling tool that it helps associates in their jobs. It helps them present information to customers in better ways, which makes using the iPad an easy sell to associates,” says Nealon.

Many of your employees will already use similar applications on their personal mobile devices. Even if your employees are not tech-savvy, most iPad point of sale applications use large color-coded buttons, touch screens and clear, concise language to indicate function.

When familiarizing your staff with the new system, ask your employees to spend 10 minutes taking turns checking each other out in the point of sale system at the beginning of one shift each week. Play out common scenarios before the customers even come through the door. For example:

  • Troubleshoot the printer and cash drawer.
  • Practice using the employee code to manually open the cash drawer.
  • Split a group bill eight ways. The Instore point of sale system has an easy-to-use split bill feature: simply push the split button and enter payments until the bill is settled.
  • Try selling a gift card.
  • Refund an order.
  • Add multiple printers. Take away the kitchen printer. Then put it back, as if you were changing the paper.

A few 10-minute sessions, and you’ve got better-trained employees who work as a team to solve small problems and maybe even stay on the job longer, defying the trends of the industry as a whole.