Using an iPad Point of Sale System to Track Employee Productivity

When you’re a small business operator, your financial resources may be extremely limited — and every $10 or $15 spent on employee wages can negatively impact your bottom line if your employees aren’t delivering value for your business in that time.

Using an iPad point of sale system is not only a more affordable way to process payments than a terminal sale system or cash register; it can also serve as an effective tool for monitoring staff productivity.

For instance, our point of sale point of sale solution iPad app, Instore, enables business owners to set up accounts for a variety of users, including owners, managers, and employees. You can track each staff member’s pay rate within the app, and allow them to sign in or out for the day on the app as well, so that you can instantly see how much money you’ll need to pay in staff time.

Even more importantly, the iPad point of sale system gives you the tools to track how many sales each employee has made in an hour. In some cases, not making many sales may simply mean that it’s a slow day in the store, but if you are able to observe that one cashier made 20 sales in an hour while another only made 10, it can be a trigger that you should keep a closer eye on your less productive employee to see how he is spending his time at work.

The app can also help you track whether your employees are clocking in after their scheduled shift time, leaving early, or taking longer breaks than they should — all additional warning signs that they may not be the right employees for the job at hand.

All of these tracking metrics are automated through the app, so you will not have to constantly physically observe your employees to gain this type of in-depth performance data.

Although such iPad point of sale solutions are primarily intended to help keep track of store-wide performance, manage inventory, and calculate daily sales totals, the employee performance data they provide can be extremely beneficial to small business owners. After all, every employee who isn’t performing up to your standards is costing you real money — don’t you want to know when that’s happening?

Of course, if the app provides evidence that some of your staff members aren’t as productive as others, it’s worth taking the time to talk with your manager or other staff members about the situation to find out what’s really going on. Talk with the employee in question, too: He may have a better explanation than you think.

However, if a particular staff member’s sales performance lags his colleagues’ every day, it could be a good indication that the job is not the right role for him.