Why the Magtek iDynamo Reader is Our Top Credit Card Swiper

If you’re considering a mobile point of sale solution that uses an iPad, tablet, or other mobile device, it’s important to think about your credit card processing options. Even if you’d like to stick with a cash-only business model initially, as your business grows, it’s important to ensure that you will be able to upgrade your technology as necessary to fulfill your customers’ demands.

All of the major iPad point of sale systems currently on the market integrate with credit card readers, but each one only works with a specific type of credit card swiper — so, while evaluating your mobile point of sale options, it’s also important to pay attention to the difference in credit card readers — and in our view, the Magtek iDynamo reader is a clear winner. Here’s why:

It’s not tied to one provider.

The Magtek iDynamo reader is a secure card reader that is designed to work with all iOS devices, unlike the proprietary card swipers offered by services like Square and PayPal Here. That means that, in most cases, you can continue using the card swiper even if you switch point of sale solutions.

It’s more secure.

The device also differs from other card readers in that it plugs into your mobile device’s dock connector instead of the audio jack. This allows for a more secure connection that encrypts the data and reduces the likelihood of data breaches. In contrast, InformationWeek found that it was easy to skim credit cards with readers that use audio jacks, jeopardizing customer security.

It’s offered by a long-established manufacturer.

Magtek is an established manufacturer of electronic devices and systems to securely read credit cards and other identification documents. The company has built a reputation for reliable products for more than 40 years. Other readers are offered by much newer companies, which do not have the same technological expertise as Magtek provides.

The Magtek iDynamo card reader can be purchased independently, but several iPad point of sale solutions (including Instore) offer the reader for free when signing up for a service package. Even if you must purchase the reader, it is offered at a low cost of ~$100.

While there are a number of considerations when choosing a mobile point of sale solutions, making sure that your chosen solution includes a secure and reliable credit card reader is essential.